Simon Blessing

Brother Blessing is an invented character, based upon very real early Methodist preachers. You'll hear stories of early Methodist society, the accomplishments and imperfections of leaders like Wesley and Asbury, and experience the gatherings of early Methodists first-hand! Simon Blessing brings you the following Methodist traditions:


(approximately 25 minutes)

Simon will tell you of his journey with the Methodists, with its joys and hardships, as early society members did when they gathered. This is a perfect presentation for the sermon slot in worship.


(approximately 1 hour)

Bro. Blessing gathers your "young society" together and leads them in a full meeting, complete with leading songs, telling stories, sharing testimony and prayer. You'll learn Methodist history and early practices, while sharing time in worship like 18th century Methodists. This is a great way to celebrate Methodist heritage in a special worship service.


(approximately 45 minutes)

Methodists were not encouraged to administer their own communion before they became a denomination. This special communing known as a Love Feast, draws from Moravian traditions, shares in a common cup, and gathers funds for the poor. This recreation of an American "non-communion is a special event, that gather the congregation outside of worship for a memorable Methodist experience!


(approximately 45 minutes)


While the Watch Night service originally was established as an alternative to drunken New Year carousing, it took on a much stronger prominence in the American Methodist tradition. This is a late evening service that brings prayer to the fore, combining with song and celebration. A more serious service, this was used during the Revolution in times of need, and will provide your congregation with a more simple means of returning to their Methodist roots.

Capt Thomas Webb by Lewis Vaslet c1795

Captain Thomas Webb


A truly unique member of the Methodist movement, Capt. Webb was a member of the British Army before he became a soldier for Christ. He was licensed to preach by John Wesley himself, and came to America's shores to help reignite the fires of Methodism that were dying down after George Whitefield's departure. This larger than life figure preached in his uniform, and laid his sword across the Bible before he preached. His story as a Loyalist in American Methodism is a fascinating one, and will be sure to make an impression on your congregation.

Available as a Special Guest (speaking during sermon slot)

Francis Asbury by Charles Peale Polk

Francis Asbury

Available as a Special Guest (speaking during sermon slot)


The Bishop of American Methodism, the preacher who traveled hundreds of thousands of miles on horseback, was far from John Wesley's favorite traveler to the American colonies. But this man of faith helped to make American Methodism much different than its British counterpart. His story is a testament to determination against the backdrop of revolution. Hear from the man who was a preacher, a rebel, a criminal - all to keep faith and hope alive in seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Coming soon as a Special Guest (speaking during sermon slot)

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