About Founders' Faith

Simon Blessing arriving

Founders' Faith exists to bring Methodist history alive in a unique and interactive way. Born in confirmation class, as a sort of "Methodist History 101," it has grown as a means to immerse congregations in our early American foundations. Part history, part worship, part engagement, a Founders' Faith visit takes your congregation to a time when Methodists were just beginning to find their way. Share in their joys and struggles, their holy longings and their human imperfections. Your church can become a society of the 18th century, learning "new" hymns and getting a taste of being a unique, sometimes misunderstood, community of faith - in a world that did not always understand their beliefs.

The past has a wonderful way of showing a better future. Experience the early days of the Methodists, get better acquainted with our foundations, and build on those foundations for an even stronger tomorrow.

About Peyton Dixon

My name is Peyton Dixon - I'm the "person behind the personae" of Founders' Faith. I have over 15 years experience as an actor-historian, bringing icons of history to life, including Presidents John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt, as well as figures in Methodist history.

I also have a lifetime of experience in the United Methodist Church! My father, Rev. Dale Dixon, served for 40 years in the Louisville and Kentucky conferences, and passed along great love and respect for our Methodist roots. My mother Betty served in almost every imaginable capacity, from Sunday School to UMW. Their faith and devotion serves as a welcome foundation in my own faith journey. I still sing in a Methodist choir!

Peyton Dixon as Himself

My personal Methodist foundations, along with my passions for history and performance, all came together in this most enjoyable pursuit of bringing Methodist history in this unique and exciting ways to congregations throughout the country.

People asked me as a child, "are you going to be a preacher like your daddy?" And I said "no." and it turns out I was right. While I'm not preaching in the same style my father did, it's my pleasure to re-create the preaching style of these Methodist icons. I hope that my father would be pleased.