Methodist History comes to life and inspires your congregation's future!

Your church's future starts in the past.

Simon Blessing at Barratts Chapel

A visit from Founders' Faith is more than a history lesson! People from your denomination, foundations of your faith, come to life in your sanctuary, your fellowship hall, your assembly room. You hear their stories, you learn their lessons, you sing hymns and pray together. The feeling of early Methodist society pervades your church. You get inspiration from the past, and motivation for the future.

Founders' Faith takes your congregation on a journey to the early days of American Methodism.  The story of the Methodists is filled with inspiring moments that translate across the centuries:

  • challenges on the journey of faith
  • building a community against all odds
  • accepting and being accepted
  • struggling to keep the faith in trying times
  • imperfect, even doubtful believers

Out of the books - into your sanctuary.

These "ghosts of Methodist past" can visit your congregation during worship or a special event. They can serve as a special sermon, or lead an entire service! You will have a unique experience that will reawaken your understanding of where Methodists come from - and where you can go together.

Singing with Simon at Saint Georges

"I ask no more: 'give me thine hand.'"*

Learn more about the Services and Sermons offered on our Offerings page, and see what best speaks to your congregation. Then reach out on our Contact page, so we can discuss the possibilities of bringing Methodist History to your near future!

*John Wesley, from the sermon "Catholic Spirit"